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Rules and Regulations

Advice & FAQ

We are a private recreational facility for men of diversity to enjoy the out-of-doors in their own way without fear of judgment or retribution. We do not restrict the legal activities of our guests. However, discretion is the better part of valor. We only ask that our guests respect one another, the land and themselves.

Respect Our Members

Do not disturb the peace
Respect others' personal space and property
Keep pets under control
Drive carefully - we will dig you out, but we don't wanna :-)
Park only in designated areas
NEVER take pictures of another member without their explicit permission
Nudity is allowed in designated bathing areas: Pond & Dock for skinny dipping and sun bathing

Respect The Land

Leave with what you brought - in the rural environment, trash is a bit of big deal
Do not litter, including cigarette butts, beverage containers etc.
Defecate only in the toilets - pee in the bushes if you (or someone else) wants :-)
Please avoid bringing glass containers if you can - if you can't, please be sure they are kept safely in your RV and/or are safely disposed of
Do not remove, destroy or modify plants or animals on the ranch - especially the plants, as you will most certainly be tarred and feathered by those who spend so much time trying to keep them flourishing

Respect Our Neighbors

Do not be boisterous, campy or bitchy to the locals on or off the Circle J property. Many of those that are aware of the ranch are tolerant and accepting - or members themselves :-)

Respect Yourself

Know your own limitations with all recreational activity
Drink responsibly
Leave the real world behind
Do not use or posses illegal substances
Have fun
Swimming is at your own risk. PLEASE DO NOT SWIM ALONE AT ANY TIME
Think safety at all times

Advice and FAQ

Rules & Regulations

General Advice For Your Visit

Bring a flashlight, there are no streetlights
Bring sensible shoes, the terrain can be a little rocky. Open toes shoes or flip flops do not work well
Bring clothes for all weather possibilities
Bring insect repellent
Bring towels and toiletries for showering
Bring snacks for the day
Bring a first aid kit and/or any personal medical supplies
A collapsible chair is helpful for sitting around the campfire
You are welcome to bring any pool or lake toys
Members pets are welcome here at the ranch. We do ask that you leash your dog when bringing them into the fenced yard around the house. The only exceptions to this rule are our ranch dogs.
Horses are welcome, just bring your current coggins test results. You can keep your horse in our corral or have them run in the west pasture with our horses.

Helpful Advice For Tent Camping

Bring a tarp or dropcloth to place your tent on
Placing a perimeter of bug spray around your tarp will help keep your tent insect free
Be careful if you choose to bring a heater
Make sure your tent stakes are strong and you have extras
Do not leave any food items unattended at your campsite, this attracts both wild animals, livestock and members pets to feast on your food.
Always keep your tent door closed, you may want to wake up with a snake in yer tent, but not one that doesn't have two legs attached to it!
We do not allow tent side or trailer side campfires, however grills are fine. However when you are done cooking on your grill, please pour sand over the coals to extinguish the heat before leaving your campsite.
Vehicles are not allowed in your campsite other than to set up or take down your site. Please move your vehicle to the designated parking areas. Motorcycles are excluded from this and can remain at the campsite.
Please be respectful of your camping neighbors. Unless you are camping in a group with multilple tents, please make sure your tent is a proper distance to allow for privacy.
No loud music at campsites or campfire after 11pm

Check in / Check Out Times

Guests may check in as early as 8:00am and as late as 8:00pm on their check in date. Check in's later than 8:00pm must be pre arranged so that we know you are coming and can make sure there is someone to check you in. Check out time is 3:00pm on the day of departure.

Please enter at the back of the house under the covered patio and into the screened-in porch to find our front desk.

Ranch Life

Please keep in mind that this is a working long horn cattle ranch and the home of our staff. Female friends and family of the staff may be present on the ranch and in the home from time to time.

Circle J Ranch & Cattle Co.

Reservations are required.
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